Chikungunya, blood donations stopped in parts of capital


 ROME- On Thursday, sources announced that there have been now been 17 reported cases of Chikungunya, the mosquito-borne disease, in the Lazio region with six actually in Rome itself.

 The first cases of the infection were seen in Anzio, 60 kilometers south of the capital and there have now been ten recorded cases in the commune.  

 Asl Roma 2 has suspended all blood donations because of the disease. This suspension is in place in the southern part of the city (with around one million inhabitants) and in the commune of Anzio.

 In all other parts of the region, based on the assumption that there is a lower risk of infection, a five-day “quarentine” will be applied to blood collected if the donor has stayed in one of the two affected areas. On a national level, any donors who have stayed in either of these locations, will be suspended from donating for 28 days.

 The director of the centre, Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno, stated that “all possible measures have been taken to avoid shortcomings in Rome”. There are stocks of blood set aside for such situations and emergencies in Lazio and other regions and so people should not worry.