Finnish tourist raped Rome

Piazza Fiume

ROME- A 20-year-old tourist from Finland was robbed and raped over the weekend in the capital it has been reported, Tuesday. The attacker is said to have been a 22-year-old male from Bengal who was accompanying the girl home but who then turned on her and raped her. The attack took place in the area near to Termini station in Rome and the alarm was raised and police called by a woman who saw the events taking place from her window, reported Il Fatto Quotidiano. The young man apparently dragged the girl across a street, hit her with a rock, threatened her with death and stole the 40€ that she had in her bag. The victim reported that he said to her “if you move I will kill you”. The witness, a woman who raised the alarm having spotted the aggression down on the street below, apparently tried shouting at the man but this did not stop him. When the police arrived all that they were able to do was to help the victim and start a search for the attacker who they managed to locate and identify Saturday, in Piazza Fiume at the restaurant where he works. The girl had spent the evening with some friends in a pub. On leaving, the young man had offered, politely, to accompany her home. The victim had at first wanted to take a taxi but he somehow managed to convince her to come with him. He attacked her behind an empty bus. “We are with the Finnish girl who was assaulted near to Termini station. Rome will not accept any type of violence”, commented the mayor of the city Virginia Raggi. This attack is not the first of its kind in Italy, occurring only a matter of weeks after a polish couple were attacked and raped in Rimini and a pair of American students were raped in Florence. ES