Tunisian IS recruiter expelled from Italy

ISIS FIghters in Africa

MILAN- A 44-year-old Tunisian man has been arrested and subsequently expelled from Italy for security reasons after adhering to the Islamic State (IS), says the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

 The Tunisian, who resided in the country illegally, had been arrested for petty crimes in the past, including drug dealing. Recently he had adhered to the ideology of the Caliphate, and was proselytising among the youth of the Lombard city. According to the authorities, the religious fanatic specifically targeted petty criminals and disenfranchised citizens who loitered around the neighbourhood where he resided.

 His recruiting activities were not confined to immigrants, but was caught trying to enlist Italian nationals for the terrorist cause. In the past, the Italian police had described him in official reports as an Imam strictly observant of Koranic law.

 This expulsion, which saw the illegal immigrant placed on a direct flight to Tunis, marks the 73rd expulsion of dangerous individuals so far in 2017, and the 205th expulsion since Jan. 2015.