'Austrian Glass Core' to feature in Venice Glass Week

'Balance XIII', by Herbert Schmid

VENICE- On the occasion of the first-ever Venice Glass Week (Sept. 10 to 17), AtemporaryStudio and Advantage Austria will be bringing to Venice the most sophisticated Austrian glass designs for an exhibition with a self-explanatory title: AUSTRIAN GLASS CORE.

 Hosted at the evocative venue of Tana Art Space/ Brick, a former coal deposit converted into an artistic exhibition space overlooking Fundament della Tana, the exhibition intends to celebrate the two faces Austrian glass design. The exhibition, easily reachable as it is located in the area between the Arsenale and the Giardini, will display the newest concepts conceived by contemporary creative minds, along with paradigms of traditional glass design, which no longer function as mere style and design references, but have become a testing ground for new representations of tradition.

 AUSTRIAN GLASS CORE exclusively premieres the latest creations by Sandra Fuchs and Eva Moosbrugger and exhibits works by Robert Comploj, Doris Darling, those by Mark Braun, Sebastian Herkner, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh for Lobmeyr, as well as by Lucy.D (Barbara Ambrosz), Vera Pure, Patrick Roth, Herbert Schmid, Barbara Votik, Bernd Weinmayer & Gerhard Hochmuth.

 In addition, AUSTRIAN GLASS CORE was selected by Design.Ve – a platform devoted to the world of design launched in May 2016 by VeniceArtFactory – as a special event for the 2017 edition. Admission to the exhibition will be free, and no reservation will be necessary.