Sweet competition, the first Tiramisu’ world cup


 TREVISO- The inaugural Tiramisù world cup is set to take place in the city of Treviso, near to Venice. Online registrations are already open and the final is planned for Nov. 4 and 5. The event is supported by Twissen, a company which focuses on the management of tourism projects.

 The classic dessert is one of the most loved and imitated in the world and is thought to have been invented in or near to Treviso. Twissen's idea was to organise a competition, specifically for home cooks, which, through mascarpone and savoiardi, would allow hundreds of tiramisù-lovers to compete for the title of champion.

  The competition, dedicated to non-professionals, has categories for the best "pastry chef" as well as for the best recipe. This is split into two categories with prizes to be awarded for the best Tiramisu’, according to the original recipe, and the most creative, where participants may add different ingredients.

 A panel, made up of professionals, food-bloggers and “gourmand” judges from the audience, will sample all the desserts and decide who will be crowned champion of the 2017 Tiramisù World Cup.

 Online registrations are already open at www.tiramisuworldcup.com and real competition will take place during the first weekend of November. On Nov. 3, entrants will submit their accreditation at the Loggia dei Cavalieri in Treviso. Selections will then take place Nov. 4, in five different locations in the Treviso area. The semi-finals and the Grand Final will be held on Nov. 5, once again at the Loggia dei Cavalieri, in the city centre.

 Many people are already applying to become one of the eighty “gourmand” judges and soon these positions will be announced.

"The Tiramisù World Cup is part of the 'SileFest' project and is a tribute to our land, a stimulating idea to strengthen the connection between tiramisù and Treviso, which has existed there since the 1970s”,Francesco Redi and Debora Oliosi from Twissen explain.

 Representatives from Twissen added that “the world cup is really a tourism project which aims to bring a focus to this part of Italy which is supposedly the 'birthplace' of the sweet snack. Tiramisù is a very much loved dessert, you can find it in restaurants all over the world. Three international selections are already being planned for 2018: in the USA, Japan and Russia".

For more information, visit: www.twissen.com