Rome Anthrax alert as two infected


 ROME- Following the death of a dozen or so cows the bacterial disease of anthrax is thought to be spreading to humans Thursday. One man, who works in the fields near Tuscolo in the Molara area, has come down with symptoms of the illness.

 The zone has been declared as “infected” in a statement from the mayor of Grottaferrata, Luciano Andreotti. The director of Prevenzione Asl Roma 6, Mariano Sigismondi, has also revealed that, for more than a week, there have been several cases of cows dying from infection by the “bacillus anthracis” bacteria.

 The worry is that the infection can also be passed on to humans, and, if not treated, can result in death after only a few days. However, in reality, there have only been two confirmed cases so far: the first, who has already been tested for the disease with a positive result, is a vet, but has since recovered. The second, still waiting for results to know if he actually is suffering from the illness, is a farm worker and hence is in close contact with the animals that could have potentially led to his infection. Dott. Sigismondi has been quick to point out that this second case is still yet to be confirmed and is being treated as a “suspected case”.

 Residents in the area are understandably concerned but have been reassured that transmission of the bacteria from man to man is rare but are being advised to look out for symptoms. These include rashes on the skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. “The most common symptom is a rash on the skin”, said Dott. Sigismondi.

 Anyone who thinks that they might have symptoms of the disease in this “infected” zone has been advised to go to the doctor for a check up.