Rugby star arrested for assaulting German tourist

Gabriele Venditti playing for the Italian national team

 CALVISANO- The aggressor of a 22 years old German tourist has been arrested in Calvisano, near Brescia. The culprit, a promising Italian rugby player of twenty years of age, has been accused of assault, and has now been placed under house arrests.

 According to the witnesses, a misunderstood stare resulted in the physical confrontation between the two youths, resulting in facial and head fractures for the German tourist at the hand of the two-meters tall, 110 kilos athlete.
 The Polish-born Gabriele Venditti, who was raised in Rome, played as third line for the under twenty Italian national team, and could boast participations under the colours of SS Lazio 1927 after graduating from the rugby academy of Parma. The rugby player, was supposed to play the coming season for Calvisano, the team of the town where he was eventually arrested. The instantaneous intervention of the Italian police immediately after the crime was committed enabled the collection of important evidence and witnesses’ statements which led to the recent arrest. Especially useful for the successful conclusion of this brief investigation was the testimony of the victim’s brother, who successfully recognised his brother's aggressor.