‘Ndrangheta gang member finally captured Uruguay

Rocco Morabito

 MONTEVIDEO- The head of the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia gang has finally been stopped in Uruguay, having been on the run for 25 years. The man responsible for trafficking drugs between South America and Milan should serve a sentence of 40 years, reports La Repubblica.

 Rocco Morabito, the boss of the Calabrian Mafia group, was finally stopped in a hotel in Montevideo Monday, but had actually been living in Punta del Este, sources said. He had a false Brazilian document, with which he had managed to obtain a Uruguayan identity card.

 Born in Africo, in the province of Reggio Calabria in October 1966, Morabito was living in Uruguay for about 10 years. He was said to be one of the “10 most wanted members of the Mafia”, confirmed the local press. As the “boss” of the ‘Ndrangheta group, he will be extradited back to Italy. According to The Interior Ministry of Montevideo, and Angolan woman with a Portuguese passport was also arrested with him which sources have confirmed to be his wife.

 The Mafia chief’s luxury villa was also searched once he had been arrested. During the operation which led to his capture, Uruguayan police confiscated 13 mobile phones, a gun, 12 credit cards, dollar notes and 150 photos Montevideo’s face.