Viterbo underground tours throughout August

Viterbo Underground

VITERBO - Visitors to the ‘City of the Popes’ will be welcomed with guided tours around the medieval city as well as non-stop tastings of local Etruscan delicacies. The underground of the city, entered through the Tesori d’Etruria in the Piazza della Morte, is open during the day from 10am - 8pm. This is also where the free tastings take place. 

 There’s something for everyone with children's memory games specially created by the Viterbo Underground organisers so they can be entertained and play the in the same places where the ancient and mysterious Etruscan people lived.

 You can join the fantastic Medieval Tour to discover the history, secrets and magic of the ancient city. Experienced tour guides, officially authorised by the Province of Viterbo, will take you through the delightful historic centre of the city whilst revealing stories, anecdotes and curiosities. The medieval tours begin at 11am and 4pm from the Piazza della Morte, and end with a visit to the Viterbo Underground.

 The Viterbo Underground is made up of a  gridof galleries that stretch beneath the historic centre and lead past the city wall. The path is completely dug into the tuff stone, a volcanic rock that characterises the Tuscia’s current landscape of Tuscia. The origin of the tunnels is controversial. According to some accredited theories, and advances made by scholars and archaeologists, the first cut in the tuff could be traced back to the Etruscans. At that time, the structure was probably used as a hydraulic system, a way of collecting and channeling rainwater and river water, and then spreading it where necessary through a dense tunnel net.

 During the Middle Ages, these places became what they are today: raised, enlarged and stretched, the underground tunnels became an authentic labyrinth of secret passages that served to link the strategic structures of Viterbo. The galleries also led to all the main exits of the city and provided the escape route to Viterbo in case of danger or siege. More recently, the underground passages were used by bandits for their shady business during World War II were used as anti-aircraft shelters during the bombing. The guided tour leads to the discovery of these magical places on a journey through the history of 3,000 years.

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