Finland, festival of earth voices in magic lapland

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INARI - The village of Inari, in Finnish Lapland, on the shores of the homonymous lake, hosts the 14th edition of the multicultural festival "Ijahis Idja" from 18-20 August; The name of the Festival, in the North Sámi language, means 'nightless night'. Here in August the day is already short, but the magic of the Arctic Short Night can still be perceived in "Ijahis Idja" with the best of Sámi music (yoik), as well as with examples of other indigenous peoples music in areas of the Arctic latitudes.

 This edition is a unique event of its kind in Europe, it is very broad and versatile, including not just music alone in its various forms, but extending to a variety of cultural events such as debates, seminars, and activities for children and youth.

 The Festival begins on August 18 with a programme for children and young people. During the day, projection of Sámi films and concerts of young promise are programmed, such as the folk-rock group Ravggon and guest artist from indigenous Russia, Cheinesh Baitushkina.

 The 19th will start with a music seminar taking place in the neighboring museum of Saami Siida. The seminar will discuss the meaning of traditional Sámi music on the contemporary music scene. The day continues with the Yle Sápmi Arena, which is produced by Yle Sápmi, Finnish Radio-TV section. It is a discussion forum about the hot topics of the day and all the Sámi languages that ​​are spoken in Finland.

 In the evening in the auditorium Sajos will perform a concert based on the traditional songs of Sámi yoik, leu'dd and livjes. Among the artists this year are Norwegian Sámi Marja Mortensson, followed by the Finnish duo Wimme & Rinne, and then the Norwegian SlinCraze.

 An original sports competition is also scheduled among the best Sámi lazo launchers, a tool used to gather reindeer scattered in the forest.

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Marja Mortensson and her group.