Woman’s amputated body found in Rome, brother suspected

The bin where the legs were found

ROME -Two amputated legs cut to the groin level were found bound together with sellotape in a large bin in Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski, in the northern district of Parioli, Rome. A young Roma girl of 20 discovered the gruesome body parts at around 8pm on Tuesday evening whilst she was rummaging inside the container. Understandably shaken by what she had found, she was still able to alert the authorities.

The latest reports by Italian news agency ANSA suggest that the culprit was the woman's brother, after his alleged confession at the police station, where he was interrogated for several hours. It is thought that the sixty-year-old Italian murdered his sister because of financial issues. The siblings lived with each other in an apartment on Via Guido Reni, just a few metres from the dumpster where police found the woman's head and torso. 

 Other remains were found on Wednesday morning by policemen in another bin in Via Guido Reni, while her personal items and clothes were found in a third bin in Via Pannini, just a few steps away from Via Guido Reni. Murder investigations are coordinated by Marcello Cascini.

 According to the reconstruction by the Mobile Police, the limbs had been thrown in the container the previous night, judging by the initial state of decomposition. The legs were cut with an axe, shown by a clean blow on the ends of the extremities. A man is reported to have been seen moving away from the bin on Monday night, captured by two of the five cameras on the "Energy Services Management" offices building. Part of his number plate was able to be read by authorities according to the first analysis of the images.

 Authorities are screening the disappearances of missing persons and at the same time examining other cameras of the two areas that might have framed those who thew the body parts in the bins.

In an interview with ANSA, one neighbour is under shock: 'There has never been a quarrel, or a bicker. I knew Nicoletta and Maurizio well, I could never have expected this. On Monday night I was hear, at home. I did not hear anything, then I left for ferragosto and came back this morning. When I saw all the police in the house I thought they were making a film. And then I heard the shocking news."