Tourist charged after engraving nickname onto Colosseum

A policeman points out the scratching: "Suba"

ROME- A German woman has found herself in trouble with the law after having engraved her name onto the Colosseum in a local police report.

 The German woman, who is in Rome on holiday, engraved her nickname “Suba” onto one of the columns what makes up the upper arch of the Roman amphitheatre on Monday afternoon. The engraving was made inside the Colosseum on some centuries-old marble stone.

 The Roman Carabinieri for Piazza Dante, after being warned of the incident from the Archaeological Heritage Authority who oversees the Flavian Amphitheatre, charged the woman without an arrest for damage to property of a building of historical interest.

 The 43-year-old woman was on the last day of her holiday and couldn’t resist the temptation to leave her mark in the Eternal City. She used a coin that was confiscated by police.

 Unfortunately, this type of vandalism on the historic monument is no isolated case. Last April, a 55-year-old Ecuadorean man scratched the names of his two children onto a stone block at the site with a 1 euro coin. In January, “Balto” and “Morte” were found painted in black onto one of the pillars facing the Metropolitan entrance.