Nightclub flouts security rules, owner tells police

LECCE- One of the owners of a large nightclub in southern Apulia has publically denounced his establishment disregard for safety regulations to the police, the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno reported. He claims that his business partners have no respect for the La Praja di Gallipoli’s capacity and encourage entry for thousands of extra partygoers that the club cannot hold.

 Toffi spoke to the Apulian newspaper of his complaints with his associates who maximise profits at the expense of safety of those visiting the nightclub in Gallipoli. “La Praja has a certified capacity of 2000 people”, Toffi stated, “Therefore emergency exits, fire protection sprinklers and escape routes are authorized for 2000 people. Every evening my business partners let 5000 to 6000 people come inside. The same thing happens at the nightclub Cave. I emailed around all the establishments a few days ago to highlight the grave danger that we run every night by continuing to pack in young people one on top of the other inside Praja.”

 Toffi owns a 20 percent share in the nightclub’s ownership and therefore states that he has no decision-making powers, since 60 percent ownership is held by a single business: “As a minority shareholder, I am excluded from every decision and I don’t have the slightest power.”

 The businessmen seemed to make a wider point, criticising the general reign of criminality and the falling quality of tourism in the zone in southern Apulia. “Gallipoli is a hopeless case. I have been here since 2008 for entrepreneurial business,” Toffi said, “and I understand everything that goes on in the nightclub business. The quality of tourism falls each year, as does the age of tourists; illegality reigns sovereign. When someone will die, then we will all go home.”