FS Italiane makes deal with Iran Railways

Renato Mazzoncini, director of FS Italiane

TEHRAN - FS Italiane, the Italian State Railways, and RAI, Iran Railways have signed an agreement promoting scientific co-operation and training for staff from both organisations. These are the most important points to take away from the deal which was signed on Tuesday in Tehran.

 “These deals”, outlined Renato Mazzoncini, “demonstrate an important step forward for the entry of FS in the great project of high speed rails in Iran, specifically the Qom-Arak line. Over the next 180 days, the time needed to solve the issue of economics guarantees and financing […] the contract shall be finalised for an amount of 1.2 billion euros. Today, a trilateral contract, which is active as of now, was signed. It includes the training of RAI rail technicians in collaboration with the Tehran University of Science and Industry” Mazzoncini continued. “Italferr and Italcertiferr have already been working with RAI for months and their relationships with our technicians are brilliant”.

 The agreement was signed by Renato Mazzoncini, director general of FS Italiane in his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is similar to that of the framework contract between FS Italiane and RAI, drawn up in 2016, for the development of the high speed rail networks in Iran on the Quom-Arak and Teheran-Hamedan lines.

 Iran’s railway infrastructure is about 10,000 kilometres long and is expected to grow to 25,000 kilometres by 2025, with 7,500 kilometres already under construction. Iran’s extension plans between 2005-2025 is predicted to increase passengers from 25 to 65 million per year.