Comment: World silent on Nagorn-Karabakh child carnage

 Today world policy is busy with Syria and for this reason other conflicts are ignored and can not be on the agenda of world media. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is one of the ignored conflicts.

 Notwithstanding that the problem is called a conflict but the more precise name is the Armenian agression against Azerbaijan. As a result of the 25 years of agression, more than one million of people have fled their homes and become internally displaced persons (IDPs) and placed in other regions of Azerbaijan. Some 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory has been under Armenian occupation, Azerbaijani citizens are killed, historical monuments are destroyed and plundered.

 So far hundreds of billions dollars worth of damage has been inflicted on Azerbaijan. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is called a frozen conflict. However it is a wrong expression, as the conflict may ignite at any time. The incident that occurred in April of last year proved this once more.

 The most miserable part of the issue is that Armenian armed forces target Azerbaijani civilians. This is contrary to all convention and norms. Since the establishment of the 1994 ceasefire regime many civilians have been killed by Armenian armed forces.

 Moreover, 32 children were victim of Armenian all 13 of them were killed and 19 wounded. The death of two-year old Zakhra has been added to the list of killed children by Armenians. 

 The recent incident occured in Alkhanli village of Azerbaijan’s Fizuli district on July 4..Armenian armed forces shelled the village from large mortars and heavy grenade launchers.

 As a result, the residents of Alkhanli village Sahiba Guliyeva born in 1967, and two-year old Zakhra Guliyeva were killed.

 The recent action of Armenia sharply violates the international conventions which were ratified by Armenia in 1992. If world, international organizations, including European institutions and European states keep silence on this issue the danger will carry on and the region will be under threat, and children will continue to be killed as a result.


  Fuzuli Mammadov is First vice president of European Azerbaijanian Congress