Three days of philosophy and art in Modena

MODENA – The Modena Festival of the Philosophy of Art will take place Sep 15-17, in more than 40 locations in the three cities of Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo. 200 free appointments in three days will be dedicated to a reflection about the meaning of art and the exposition of different types of art from accross the nation.  Far from being only art exhibitions, however, the festival aims to demonstrate a more hands-on approach to art and a wider definition of the term to cover all kinds of manufacturing. 

At a press conference in Rome on Wednesday, the President of the Festival, Anselmo Sovieni, explained that the focus would rest of the greek etymology of the word "Arte", "ars", which emphasises the practical activity of creation rather than the aesthetic side. He said that it is time to celebrate "artificiaity" with regards to its etymology also, that is "something made with art". "The festival will be closely linked to the area", Sovieni continued, "which is full of people who know how to make things". Indeed, many studios and workshops are set to open so visitors can see how art is made and participate in the creative process. 

The Mayor of Modena was also present at the conference and spoke of his wishes to not only demonstrate the local talents but also those from all over Italy. He welcomed the definition of art as anything that is "made" and told visitors to expect to also see techonological, scientific and industrial exhibitions. 

Remo Bodei, Professor at the University of California and President of the Scientific Committee for the Festival, offered an insight into what the festival will have to offer. He said that there will be music concerts and workshops to show that we all have art "at our fingertips", exhibitions that show the human body and our capitalist society as works of art and photos and films which document the creative process of different types of art. 

Michelina Borsari, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Festival, said that the festival will remind us that "we are all artists", for how we conduct ourselves and how we dress means we are all "exhibitions of ourselves". 

Directed by Daniele Francesconi, the 17th edition of the Philosophy Festival of Modena will be a major event: there will be 50 keynote addresses entrusted to major protagonists of contemporary thought, exhibitions, concerts, shows, readings, children-focused initiatives and philosophical dinners.

 Both cities of Carpi and Sassuolo are approximatively 20 kilometres from Modena. The event, which last year exceeded 200,000 people, has offered more than two million people a philosophical break since it began sixteen years ago.

 Organised by the "Consortium for the festivalfilosofia", the official programme of the event will be presented to the media on Wednesday in a Press Conference held at the Associazione Stampa Estera in Rome.

 Speakers at the press conference will include Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Mayor of Modena; Anselmo Sovieni, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Consortium for the festivalfilosofia and member of the Board of Directors of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena; Remo Bodei, professor at the University of California Los Angeles and president of the Scientific Committee of the Consortium for the festivalfilosofia; Daniele Francesconi, director of the festivalfilosofia and many more.

Modena Festival of the Philosophy of Art will take place on September 15, 16 and 17.