Anti-mafia raid in Rome, 280 million euros seized

ROME-  A major anti-mafia operation named ‘Babylonia’, spearheaded by the Italian capital’s Investigative Police Unit, has lead to 23 arrests and 280 million euros worth of goods seized, police sources reported Friday.

 The astonishing value of the assets sequestrated by police is made up from bars, restaurants, pizzerias, slot rooms and expensive cars.

 As a result, 23 people have been arrested for playing various roles in belonging to two criminal organisations funded through extortion, exploitation, money laundering, the utilisation of money, goods and assets from unlawful origins, and fraudulent money transfers of goods and values.

 Police officers from the Provincial Command of Rome and agents from the Rome Tax Police participated in the sting operation; also issuing a order that extends outside the Italian capital to Naples, Milan and Pescara for the pre-trial detention of the 23 people incriminated in operation ‘Babylonia.’

 The two criminal organisation were travelling on a path of  “vertiginous growth” on the Capitoline territory, with their primary bases in Rome and Monterotondo.