Journey through ancient history at the American Academy

American Academy in Rome

ROME - Next Friday, the American Academy will host a conference entitled ‘Poena aut venia? Attitudes towards Emigration in Rome, Byzantium and beyond.’

 One tends nowadays to focus on incoming mobility as it is an essential element in research on migrations and current politics. This workshop proposes to reverse the trend by concentrating on emigration rather than immigration.

 The conference will let you explore the upstream human movement process in the Late Antiquity and the Byzantine era. The meeting also aims to explain the effects of emigration on communities most affected by mass departures and the reaction of their governments.

 Through the study of different periods of time, this meeting will result in a rich and collective reflection about migration as a process of leaving.

 The day will be divided into four times: a morning session with Filippo Ronconi, Nancy Green and Ekaterina Nechaeva, a key note session introduced by Kimberly Bowes and Peter Heather and two afternoon sessions  presented by Mischa Meier, Julia Hillner, Filippo Ronconi, and Ekaterina Nechaeva, Arnaldo Marcone and Vera von Falkenhausen.

 Organized by Ekaterina Nechaeva with financial and logistic support from the Collegium Helveticum and the American Academy in Rome, this conference is an unmissable event for any history-lover or person interested by the topic.

 For further information, read the detailed program.

Friday, 23 June 2017 - 9:30am to 6:45pm
American Academy in Rome, Via Angelo Masina 5, 00153, Roma ITALIA
AAR Lecture Room