Polish wine to shine on the international stage

ROME- Polish wine has enjoyed something of a resurgence over recent years, thanks largely to the actions and passion of entrepreneurial vineyard owners. As a result, there will be an event dedicated to this little known Polish tradition at the Polish Institute of Rome on Wednesday, showcasing the very best wines the country has to offer.

 “Wine in Poland” will offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about the history of Polish wine, followed by an official presentation of the wines and then the chance to taste the fruits of their labour.

 The curators are Grzegorz Bojanowicz and Jerzy Zdrzalka, who came together with the Association of Wine Growers of Little Poland to produce the event.

 The story of wine production and grape cultivation in Poland dates back to around the tenth century, with the first vineyards belonging to monasteries and royalty. Thanks to the work of the Association of Wine Growers of Little Poland, much more is known about the history of Polish vineyards and about the more unusual products produced from this part of the world, all of which will be discussed at the Polish Institute of Rome.

 Wines will be presented from the wine producers: Widok Rapossia, Oblazzy Księże, Skarpa Dobrska and Maja Wines.

 Alongside the wine festivities there will also be the chance to sample the renowned ice cream from the master craftsman from the Athenaeum of Italian Ice Cream, which is the top artisanal ice cream school in the world.

 For more information visit the Polish Insitute of Rome’s website: