Council gives go ahead to new Roma stadium plans

The ambitious new stadium plan

ROME- After months of deliberation and amendments to the plans laid out for the extravagant new A.S Roma stadium project, the Rome Council have voted by a comfortable majority that the club can finally begin to put into motion the initial stages of the developments.

 In total there were 28 votes cast in favour of the project, with nine votes against and one council member who abstained from participating.

 City Mayor Virginia Raggi, who had previously spoken out against the club’s ambitious multi-million stadium plans, voted in favour of the motion following recent amendments to the project that she made in collaboration with A.S Roma officials.

 All the 5 Star Movement officials voted in favour of the developments and the opposition came from the Democratic Party and Forza Italia councillors.

 Following the news of the Council’s approval, Raggi took to Facebook to show her content for the decision.

 “Roma will have #Unostadiofattobene (a well done stadium.) The Capitoline Assembly has just approved the motion which redefines the public interest in the stadium of Tor di Valle,” she wrote.

 “We have maintained our responsibility: a sporting installation that respects the law and will bring works and infrastructure that will improve a quadrant of the city.”

 “Today (Wednesday) is an important day for our city. The citizens have won. We have revolutionised the old stadium project, improving it for the interests of Romans,” she added.

Similarly, Roma Club President Jim Pallota thanked Raggi on Twitter for her involvemenet in finally getting the project approved.

"Thanks to Virginia Raggi and to Rome. The Stadium of Rome will give a new home to our fans and will bring great benefits to the city," he wrote, following the announcement of the Assembly's decision.


Virginia Raggi