Corso Polonia 2017: Boat races, music and more!

ROME - This year marks the 15th edition of Polish Culture in Rome festival “Corso Polonia”. A particularly interesting year, because “The year of the Vistula”, Poland’s longest and largest river, is also being celebrated. 

 On June 17 from 18:00 at the Augusta 28 on the Passeggiata di Ripetta, Lungotevere, the Capital will host friendly racing competitions between two historical rowing clubs: Rome’s “Reale Circolo Canottieri Tevere Remo”, founded in 1872, versus Warsaw’s Rowing Association (founded in 1878). 

 As well as the race in the afternoon, there will also be a photography exhibition about the Polish community in Rome’s history and activities, put on by the Polish Tourist Organisation   and Warsaw’s Tourist Office. Interesting aspects of Warsaw’s life today and the rich cultural activity that animates its river’s banks will also be presented.

 At the end of the races, at 19:30, a concert will be performed by the Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra, featuring the Warsaw theatre’s most famous melodies from the pre WW2 era. The group of young artists will play songs by classic Polish cinema and theatre stars such as Adam Aston, Mieczysław Fogg, and Wiera Gran. Their interpretations of traditional Polish dances and sentimental music from the past retain a natural, timeless charm. 

 The event on June 17 comes as part of a longer festival from 8-24 June, including cinema, dance, history, and gastronomical events put on by the Polish Institue in Rome. For a complete programme, head to

 Booking must be made before the event: please phone 06 36 000 723  or write to for more information.