Ice Club Roma: Cocktails at minus five degrees

ROME—As the sweltering heat begins to engulf the Italian capital entering the summer months, there is no better place to cool off and enjoy a cocktail than at the Ice Club Roma, the only ice bar in Italy, situated right in the heart of the city in the historical borough of Monti, easily within walking distance from the Colosseum.

 Everything from the walls to the bar is made from ice, with the internal temperature of the venue at a refreshing -5°C, guaranteed to instantly wick away the sweat after a hot day roaming around the Eternal City.

 Despite the low temperatures, there’s no need to worry about getting the chills as every entrance to the Ice Club includes the use of a specially designed thermal jacket. Additionally, all the ice booths and benches are lined with soft white furs, so that the décor coupled with the atmospheric lighting and music makes it easy to forget that Ancient Rome is right outside.

 The undisputable stars of the Ice Club are its vodka cocktails, served in a glass made of ice so you can truly enjoy the vodka in its natural environment. The extensive cocktail menu offers around 25 different flavoured vodka cocktails, ranging from peach and lime to strawberry and chocolate, with the use of high-quality imported vodka brands such as Belvedere, Grey Goose and Ciroc.

 The venue is popular amongst students and tourists, but also the manager, Augusto Simoncelli, told me that his joint is also popular with the locals, with a number of Rome businesses choosing to host work-bonding events at the bar, which acts as a great place to kick-off a night out in the capital.

 Ice Club Roma takes reservations and bookings, for those who want to experience the ‘igloos’ that have been set up in the corners of the bar. Outside the igloos are several ice sculptures of Roman monuments, such as the Colosseum.

 There is also the opportunity to buy a souvenir from the Ice Club Roma shop as a memoire of what is sure to have been an unforgettable experience in a unique environment.

 Whether you are visiting Rome as a traveller or resident in the city, it’s well worth starting off a night with a couple of cocktails at the Ice Club Roma.

 For more information on prices and upcoming offers visit the Ice Club Roma Facebook Page below:


 Telephone: 06 9784 5581

The bar at Ice Club Roma