Cinema event tackles migration crisis


 ROME—The capital welcomed the second edition of the REMIX, an event which looks to bring together cinematographic storytelling and scientific approaches to confront the reality of the migration and peaceful coexistence.

 The project came to fruition thanks to the collaboration of cinema KINO in Pigneto and the National Council of Research, and featured three films- “I migrati”, directed by Francesco Paolucci, “En tierra extraña’ by Icíar Bollaín, and “Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del nord,” by Irene Dionisio.

 The event coordinator, Maria Eugenia Cadeddu explained why it was so important, saying “migration is a complex phenomenon, which today represents a problem and a challenge for European society, and not just that. It’s a phenomenon that cannot be limited to a list of pros and cons. Remix tries to contribute to reflection, criticism, the encouragement of a ‘culture of migration’, or at least a general knowledge of the many aspects and implications of migration phenomenon.”

 Two of the three films, “I migrati” and “Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del nord” offer an insight into the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Italy with “Sponde…” focusing on those received in Lampedusa in particular. “En tierra extraña” conveys a different kind of migration, telling the story of Spanish nationals who immigrated to Edinburgh during the economic crisis.

 However, despite their differences, the films are united by their common theme. Cadeddu comments, “what they have in common is the perspective of the people, their reflections, their choices…”

 The event enjoyed great success and sparked engaging discussions on the themes of migration and community.