Cocaine crazed driver mows down pedestrians

Scene of the incident

 ROME-- A 43-year-old woman is reported to have knocked down five pedestrians in a cocaine-fuelled frenzy.

 The accident happened on Via dei Colli Portuensi when the driver lost control of her Smart car and careered into pedestrians.

 Alcohol tests came up as negative, but the 43-year-old tested positive in the drug tests, with police finding an additional dose of cocaine in the car, and around six grams of the substance in the driver’s house.

 The woman has been accused of causing grievous bodily harm and driving under the influence of narcotics. Police also found that her license had been revoked in February 2016.

 According to witness statements, five people were hit when the 43-year-old went through a red light, running over one 30-year-old man who was admitted to San Camillo hospital in critical condition. A young woman is also reported to have been seriously injured during the accident, admitted to hospital with broken bones.

 The accident happened at around 8pm. Onlookers immediately rushed to help the 30-year-old trapped under the car, who had been dragged along the road for a few metres. At first, it was suspected to be another terrorist attack.

 The driver was admitted to hospital, suffering from shock. Investigators are still trying to piece together the exact chain of events, before legal proceedings begin.