Palazzo Ferrajoli exhibits prestigious Italian painter

Franco Azzinari and Fidel Castro

 ROME-- On June 1 an exhibition of Franco Azzinari's work, entitled "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", inaugurates at the Palazzo Ferrajoli. The exhibition will be at the Palazzo until June 10, and will showcase 60 works by "the Painter of the Wind."

 The paintings provide a visual representation of the artist's rich and varied life, taking inspiration from his native Calabria, as well as his first trip to Cuba in 1992, where he truly discovered his artistic flare. 

 In recent years, the Calabrian artist has taken a particular interest in the life of Ernest Hemingway, and has set out to depict the places that held importance for the author during his life, leading him to visit Kenya and Tanzania, among others. 

 Azzinari has held exhibitions across the world, displaying his works most recently at the San Francesco Convent in Giffoni Valle Piana, in occasion of the 2016 Giffoni Film Festival. 



Azzinari painting a landscape