Ivanka Trump fights back tears at Sant'Egidio

Ivanka at Sant'Egidio

 ROME-- Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, shed a tear during talks about human trafficking and prostitution at the Sant'Egidio Community on Wednesday. 

 The meeting lasted an hour and a half, and formed part of the Republican President's first offical trip abroad, for which Ivanka and his wife, Melania, accompanied him. 

 The founder of the Community, Andrea Riccardi said that the 35-year-old businesswoman had made a good impression, and was "switched on, informed, wanting to know the both the human and legislative aspects (of the human trafficking problem)". 

 The Community gave Ivanka three gifts, an olive branch, as a symbol for peace; the biography of an African woman who dedicated her life to finding a cure for aids, and a commentary on Book of Ruth. 

 Ivanka told press after the meeting that she would treasure the stories about women who have overcome difficulties in their lives, and spoke about strength, faith and perseverance in the face of adversity. 

 Trump also posted about her visit on Instagram, saying "I was inspired to visit Sant'Egidio and learn about their remarkable work with women who have survived the evils of human trafficking and for those still suffering. Hearing directly from the advocates, counselors and victims reaffirms that we must work together to address this critical issue."