Calabrian film set to dazzle Cannes Film Festival

LuCa poster

 ROME-- Next Friday the Lucana Film Commission will present its film, ‘A Ciambra’, directed by Jonas Carpignano, at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival’s Director’s Fortnight.

 The film, set in the Gioia Tauro Rom settlement in Calabria is the first work born of the fund set up by Martin Scorsese to support emerging directors.

 The ‘LuCa’ initiative, which financed the ‘A Ciambra’ project, was the first concrete result from a stipulation a memorandum of understanding between the President of the Region of Basilicata, Marcello Pittella, and the President of the Region of Calabria, Mario Oliverio. The memo detailed aims to promote the two regions through championing productions like ‘A Ciambra.’

 The initiative has set aside a sum of 150,000 euros to finance projects set in the two regions, providing greater opportunities for upcoming visual artists in Calabria and Basilicata.

 Next Friday, the director of the Lucana Film Commission, Paride Leporace, and the President of the Calabria Film Commission, Giuseppe Citrigno, will present to the sponsors the terms and conditions of the agreement, hoping for it to be renewed with a further 200,000 euro grant.

 The meeting will be preceded by a showing of the short film ’08-giugno-1976’, directed by Gianni Sapornara, which was financed by the Lucana Film Commission in 2015.