Pope promises sincere meeting with Trump

 VATICAN CITY-- Returning from Fatima, Pope Francis spoke about his upcoming audience with the President of the USA, Donald Trump, due to take place on May 24. He assured the interviewers that the meeting would be one of mutual tolerance and understanding.

 The pontiff was asked what was to be expected from someone who wants to build walls, and how a conversation would pan out between two people with such differing opinions on key topics, namely migrants and the environment.

 “I”, responded the pope, “have never made a judgement on someone without listening to them. I will say what I think, he will say what he thinks. There are some doors that aren’t closed, we’ll need to find doors that are at least a little open, to enter and speak about common interests. And to go forward step by step- peace is not complicated, it’s made everyday. Also friendships between people, and mutual understanding, are cultivated everyday.”

 He also made it clear that he would not allow Trump to use the meeting as a platform for his policies.

 “This is a political calculation which I won’t get involved with, and even in terms of religion, I am not a proselytiser,” he explained “we will talk, each will say what they think. We will listen to each other. We will speak and after I’ll say what I think.”