Italian 'hostage' freed from detention in Mauritania

Cristian Provvisionato

NOUAKCHOTT—Cristian Provvisionato has been released by the Mauritanian authorities and is “returning to Italy”, announced the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Friday.

The 43-year-old Milan native had been detained in Mauritania since Aug. 2015, accused of being part of an international criminal organisation, which posed a threat to the African nation.

The announcement of Provvisionato’s release was made on Twitter by Angelino Alfano.

“Cristian Provvisionato is free. He is returning to Italy. I have spoken to him. Thank you to the Mauritanian authorities. Another objective completed,” read the tweet. The message was also retweeted by Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

The release comes just days after an impassioned plea from Doina Coman, his mother, which urged the Italian government to do all in their power to secure the release of her son.