Slow Fish 2017 fights for fishing industry

GENOA-- The eighth edition of Slow Fish, an international event dedicated to the world of fish and marine ecosystems, will take place in Genoa’s Porto Antico, from May 18 to May 21, 2017.

 The event has been organised by Slow Food, a grass roots organisation founded by Carlo Petrini, which specialises in defending regional traditions and promoting the sustainable production of food.

 Together with support from the Region of Liguria, Slow Fish 2017 will build on the values upheld by Slow Food to raise awareness of recent developments in the fishing sector, whilst also facilitating the discovery of new products and dishes of various gastronomic cuisines.

 Slow Fish is set to attract members of the fishing community, biologists, chefs, and consumers. Admission to the event is free to the general public.

 Leading Italian and international chefs from the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance will be putting on a series of unique events to better illustrate their dishes to the public. The more unusual examples are that of Ecuadorian chef, Estepan Tapia, who will be showcasing the ‘encocado’, an example of a gastric fusion between South America and Africa. Whilst, Ugandan chef, George Ntumwa, will describe how he uses local products from Lake Victoria to create the dishes he serves at the Ssesse Island Beach Hotel.

 The main theme at Slow Fish 2017 is entitled ‘We are the Net’, which highlights the connections between mankind and the marine world, emphasising that the actions of the consumer have a direct consequence to marine ecosystem. Instead, the Slow Fish network wants to draw attention to the urgent need for fishing methods that operate in harmony with the delicate ties of the net.

 There will also be a Slow Food marketplace, where the public can sample the fresh ingredients at 18 different food stands, all offering tastings organised by chefs in collaboration with marine biologists and fishermen.

 Slow Fish 2017 has also organised number of conferences on topical issues relating to the fishing industry, including human and environmental health, the protection of biodiversity and the importance of reducing global food waste.


Porto Antico

18-21 May 2017

Free entrance



An example of many live cooking shows