2017 Italian Aqua Bike Championship kicks off in Eraclea

Giorgio Viscione

ERACLEA—Saturday will mark the beginning of the 2017 Italian Aqua Bike Championship, taking place at the Eraclea Marina, in the province of Venezia.

 The championship consists of six stages in total and after the first stage in Eraclea comes to its conclusion Sunday, the competition will move onto Catanzaro, Brindisi, Porto Torres, Idroscalo (Milan), before finishing at Santa Severa, near Rome.

 Riders from each of the 9 disciplines will be putting their skills on display over the course of two rounds, with the first taking place on Saturday and the second on Sunday.

 The greatest names in Italian personal watercraft racing will be taking part in the event, including Jet Ski rider Alberto Monti, 25-time Italian national champion, six-time European champion and three-time champion of the world. Monti is undoubtedly the most talked about competitor at the event, his illustrious career made all the more impressive considering he still competes at 50 years old.  Despite the fact that Monti is approaching the end of his career, he is still amongst the best in the world.

 Also competing in the Jet Ski category is 27 year-old Nicola Piscaglia, a fierce rival of Monti and also amongst the top places in the world rankings. Despite his young age he is already a past Italian national champion.

 In addition to the Ski discipline the event will also see riders compete in Runabout Circuit, Endurance and Free Style, with the later often considered the greatest spectacle of the event as thousands tune in to watch live from social media sites.

 Aqua biking is fast becoming one of the most attractive and enjoyable motorboat activities in the world. The sport attracts a young fan base, constantly in expansion, where both physical strength and mental determination contributes to the success of an athlete.

 The 2017 edition of the Italian Aqua Bike Championship will see 127 riders compete, the highest number of participants in the competitions history.

 The event is supported by the Italian Olympic Committee and the President of the Italian Aqua Bike Federation, Giorgio Viscione, hopes that the sport will continue to grow.

 “For the next four Olympic years, together with Franco Piscaglia, Mirko Spoto and Andrea Guidi we will try and grow the number of participants, to make the championship more and more fun and popular, whether that be for those who participate in it or for those who watch it,” said Viscione. 

Youngster, Nicola Piscaglia
Legendary Alberto Monti