Protom founder Fabio De Felice at B20 Germany 2017

Naples – Business summit B20 Germany 2017 held in Berlin the 2-3 May has a rich agenda that includes focus on company digitalization and the re-launch of the economy starting from small and medium-sized enterprises.

 Part of the forum programme will include the participation of Neapolitan born Fabio De Felice.

 As an integral part of the G20 process, B20 represents the entire G20 business community. The mission of the B20 is to support the G20 through consolidated representation of interests, concrete policy proposals, and expertise.

 Promoting dialogue among policymakers, civil society, and business at the international level, this year’s forum will include the participation of G20 member representatives such as Prime Minister of Germany Angela Merkel along with presidents of Industrial Associations.

 Influential professional figures such as the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma, presidents and CEOs of the biggest multinationals and the president of Business for Europe Emma Marcegaglia will equally participate. Founder of Protom, Fabio De Felice will be among the few small and medium-sized entreprise representatives at the summit.

 De Felice is one of the main Italian experts in company digitalization and Industry 4.0. Along with being a university professor in Industrial System Engineering at the University of Naples and Cassino, his company Protom is a European leader in advanced engineering and consultant services for highly innovative project development and solutions.

 Located in Naples, the company that employs more than 200 people has recently been in the limelight for the creation of one of the biggest European public works made in the cultural sector in the last years.

 As the international winners of the museum public works, the company team even boasts highly praised innovative augmented reality applications in the museum itinerary.

 Protomhas also assisted Campania region towns in certified FESR Campania 2007/2013 spending, often resulting in higher than average spending performance.

 Last year, the company won an 11 million Euro public work project for technical assistance in the Campania Region  Rural Development 2014/2020 Plan.

 Bringing in a group of Olivetti Research managers has helpedProtom to obtain international recognition in various markets, branding itself for the development of high-level innovative virtual reality and immersive solutions.

 Under the motto "Resilience, Responsibility, Responsiveness – Towards a Future-oriented, Sustainable World Economy", business representatives from nineteen countries and the European Union will meet and officially hand-over their recommendations to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

 The conference will equally focus on the central topics of B20 Task Forces and Cross-Thematic Groups on Trade and Investment, Energy, Climate and Resource Efficiency, Financing Growth and Infrastructure, Employment and Education, and Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption.

 In the B20, business representatives from the entire G20 develop joint recommendations and advocate specific policy-actions across the complete G20 agenda. In addition, the B20 organizes a number of events and provides a platform for exchanges with governments and other stakeholders of the G20 process.

 This two-day event will bring together approximately 800 participants from the G20 nations from business, politics, NGOs and international organizations.

 Like the G20, the B20 is a perennial process with working activities and events during the throughout the whole year.


Fabio de Felice