Crackdown on disrespect of historic monuments

Paddling in the fountains will incur the maximum €450 fine

 ROME-- The police have announced the enforcement of new regulations that will result in fines of up to 450 euros for those who disrespect the city’s famous monuments.  

 These sanctions will be applied not only to those who damage or graffiti monuments and buildings but also to those who flout rules of common decency when in the city by, for example, climbing the lions in the Piazza del Popolo.  

 The city’s main 30 fountains, from Piazza Barberini to Trevi, Monti to Piazza Spagna, Esedra to Gianicolo, and so on, will have the highest measures of protection. It will be forbidden to sit on them, wash feet, have water fights and allow pets to drink from them- disobeying these rules will result in a €450 fine. For the less famous fountains these actions will incur a smaller fine of €180.

 With summer around the corner, and the influx of tourists it brings with it, the Roman authorities are hoping that these measures will help protect the Eternal City’s famous landmarks, and force people to act more respectfully during their stay.