Books- on art, beauty and Benedict XVI

The book will be launched on April 22

 ROME-- “Benedict XVI. Art is the door to the infinite. Aesthetic Theology for a New Renaissance” (edited by Fabrizio Fabbri Editore and Ars Illuminandi, 2017) will be presented to the public at 11am on Saturday April 22 at the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome.

 The book came about thanks to the cultural association, “Tota Pulchra”, and their desire to pay homage to Pope Benedict XVI.

 Author Monsignor Jean Marie Gervais, assistant prefect of the Vatican State and founder of “Tota Pulchra”, together with the other author, Vaticanist Alessandro Notarnicola, has collected the pontiff’s reflections on art and the “via pulchritudinis.” Joseph Ratzinger is a much-loved guardian of the faith in the Catholic world, always keen to enrich the Church, and human experience, by putting the image of God at the centre of everything.

 The work would not have been possible without the original ideas of the artist Bruno Ceccobelli, author of 10 volumes which enhance the work, and of Professor Mariano Apa, who offers a commentary explaining to the reader the refined and intimate spirituality of Joseph Ratzinger.

 “The pages of this work have a constant thread and message: we listen, we think and, above all, we look for true beauty. The world of today has an urgent need for people who are truly beautiful, and not masks that initially seduce, only to bitterly disappoint,” writes the cardinal Angelo Comastri in the work’s preface, thanking the authors and editros for having commemorated the Pope Emeritus’ reflections on art and beauty in this well-thought out collection of lectures.  

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