Agreement secures 40 million for Rome Ryder Cup

ROME—The Italian Golf Federation has signed a long-term agreement with Infront Sports and Media, which will bring in 40 million euro over 11 years, to help fund the Rome 2022 Ryder Cup, officials said Friday.

 The partnership will cover a total of 129 events, including 11 editions of the increasingly lucrative Italian Open, along with 88 Italian Pro Tour events and 30 tournaments in the Road to Roma 2022 project.

 The agreement was announced after the Italian Government finally signed off on a financial guarantee that have eased fears about the future of the Ryder Cup in Rome.

 Ryder Cup Director, Gian Paolo Montali, had warned last month that Italy risked losing the rights to hosting the tournament if they could guarantee the necessary 97 million euro in funding.

 However, this latest financial agreement with Infront Sports, a respected global sports marketing company, should put an end to the funding controversy.

 “We have now reached a point where we are able to eliminate all the doubts,” assured the President of the Italian Golf Federation, Franco Chimenti.

 “The future of golf will be radiant, the fact that an international giant such as Infront has decided to invest in our project shows the potential of this sport,” said Chimenti in an interview with the Italian Olympic Committee.

 Chimenti also underlined that the ‘restyling’ of the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, the tournament’s venue, will be handled by the course’s private owners and will not use public money.

 “This landmark agreement demonstrates that the federation shares common goals with us – success through long-term commitment,” said the Executive Director Summer Sports at Infront, Stephen Hersh.

 “Italy was able to thrive against strong bids from other countries. With the Ryder Cup 2022 taking place in Rome, Italy shows that it can attract and host major and high level events. We are excited to walk this path together, boosting golf in Italy while offering fans, sponsors and broadcaster the best possible experience,” said Hersh.

 The recent developments in the Ryder Cup funding saga will please Italian golf fans as they set to welcome the world’s best golfers to Rome in 2022.

 Minister for Sport, Luca Lotti, also expressed his delight, “My wish is that the controversy has finished and now we can explain the economic, cultural and touristic importance of an event like the Ryder Cup, that is the third largest in the world in terms of attracting spectators after the Olympics and the Football World Cup, finally we can talk about the organization.”