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 ROME-- On April 6 ‘Micro-distretto Testaccio@Work’, a start-up aimed at empowering young people in the world of work, held a presentation to explain the project to the press and the community.

 The project has created a smart city, “to emulate the experience of small industrial districts and transfer this to social vocations” explained Federica Ruggiero, the project leader. “It’s a social incubator to assist young people in training, professional integration, and setting up a business using the infrastructure already in place in their local community,” she added.

 The start-up empowers young people through a combination of technical and entrepreneurial training, and work experience. It aims to make young people more independent and give them the ability to navigate the work market. It’s based in Testaccio because it is the historical working class district of Rome, which still attracts artisans and self-employed workers.

 “As a centre for professional training, we have the obligation to give young people the opportunity to learn a skill that’s useful in the work market. Micro Distretto is our way of making this happen. Only by doing this can we give our young people a future,” said Sister Angela Elicio, national director of Ciofs-FP and Sister Novella Gigli, President of Ciofs-FP Lazio.

 The Assessor of Social Policies of Municipio I, Emiliano Monteverde, praises the project, saying that “as a municipality we have decided to show our support for the project with our patronage because it offers a concrete solution to the problems in our community.”

 The project is co-financed by the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Foundation and created by the Centro Italiano Opere Femminili Salesiane-Formazione Professionale (Ciofs-FP) with the patronage of the Municipio Roma I Centro, in collaboration with CineCircoli Giovanili Socioculturali, and the companies d’Amore&d’Italia, Porto Fluviale, Antica Stamperia Rubattino and Urban Experience.


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