Auditions for "Pygmalion, the Musical" in Rome

Auditions for "Pygmalion, the musical"

 ROME-- Auditions are being held for “Pygmalion, The Musical”, an “Arts in English” production, to be staged in Rome in December 2017.

 The company are looking for:

·      Eliza Doolittle- London flower seller. Playing age 25+. Singer.

·      Professor Henry Higgins- Bachelor, expert in phonetics, somewhat pompous. Playing age 40-60.

·      Colonel Pickering- Retired army officer and author. Play age 50+.

·      Alfred Doolittle- Dustman and Eliza’s father. Playing age 40+.

·      Mrs Pearce- Professor Higgins’ long suffering housekeeper. Playing age 40+.

·      Mrs Higgins- Henry Higgins’ mother. Playing age 50+.

·      Freddy Eynsford Hill- Young man who falls in love with Eliza. Playing age 25+. Singer

·      Mrs Eynsford Hill- Freddy’s upper class mother. Playing age 50+.

·      Company- female and male dancers/singers. Playing age 18+

 Email to book an audition slot.

 Auditions will be held on 22nd and 23rd April, between 15:30 and 18:30 at Ostia Danza, Via Cardinal Ginnasi 12, Ostia.