Nadine awaits hearing on travel restrictions

The former first lady will await her fate on Tuesday

  ROME- On Tuesday, the Peruvian Court of Appeals will evaluate that made by former first lady of Peru, Nadine Heredia, against the judicial decision preventing her from leaving the country without previous authorization.

 The aforementioned ruling also prohibits her from changing her place of residence without permission from a magistrate.

 Heredia is still being investigated for alleged money laundering and abuse of power while her husband Ollanta Humala was president of Peru.

 In the same hearing, the tribunal will also analyse the appeals of Illan Heredia, Antonia Alarcón and Rocío del Carmen Calderón, against their inclusion in an investigation into money laundering. The trio are brother, mother and friend of the former first lady. The money is said to have been received during the electoral campaigns of The Peruvian Nationalist Party in 2006 and 2011, when Humala was candidate.

 Additionally, the head prosecutor investigating the allegations against Heredia, has revealed that he will soon be travelling to Brazil in order to receive a further statement from the former executive director of Odebrecht Latinvest, Jorge Barata.

 The Brazilian contruction company is at the centre of a growing bribery scandal in Latin America and allegedly obtained construction contracts in Peru through corrupt means.

 Barata has previously stated that more than 3 million soles (1 million dollars) was given to Heredia for the 2011 electoral campaign. He will now meet with the head prosecutor, Germán Juárez Atoche, to expand his version of the transaction.

 The hearing comes amidst a turbulent time for Heredia, who will be hoping the decision is overturned so her role as Special Ambassador for the FAO is not thrown into further jeopardy.