Simon Finn concert galvanises Rome music scene

Simon Finn performed his first concert in Italy for a decade

 ROME-- On Thursday evening Simon Finn, an English psychedelic folk singer, performed at “L’Asino che vola”. He was joined by “Nice Guys Collective”, who were the warm up act of evening.

 In a musical scene dominated by electric sounds, the “Nice Guys Collective” and Simon Finn provided a refreshing change with some authentic live music. The venue space was intimate and relaxed, providing the perfect atmosphere for the concert.

 “Nice Guys Collective” got the evening going with some jazzy sounds. John Heineman led the group on the saxophone, with Diego Rugghi on the guitar synth, Giacomo Belli on the guitar, Massimo Vichetti on the electric bass and Marcello Giuseppetti on the drums.  The instrumental music was innovative and snapped everyone out of the post-dinner stupor.

 The evening continued with the main event, Simon Finn, who played his first concert in Italy for a decade. Finn’s material was eclectic, featuring a good mix of upbeat and solemn songs. His lyrics were raw and thought provoking, often resonating with many of today’s issues. His set up was simple but effective, using only his guitar and voice to perform.

 The concert was undoubtedly a success, with many coming out to enjoy this unique genre of music. All proceeds from the ticket sales went to the Italian Insiders Legal Defense Fund to help pay costs of fighting defamation suits brought in the Rome Tribunal by FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva and four other executives at the UN agency.


"Nice Guys Collective" were the warm up act