Innovative Spanish theatre comes to Rome

Director, Roberto Rustioni

 ROME-- What do we normally do when we find ourselves in difficulties, especially financial? When we find ourselves in crisis? “Idiota” is a text about crisis, the global economic crisis and our personal crises; which, in our efforts to keep our heads above water, often turn out to be awkward and comical. The protagonist tries to respond to the questions of a female doctor, a psychological test; where a man and a woman face up to each other in a room, a ring-shaped office. Jordi Casanovas constructs a piece which is bitter yet sweet, noir yet light-hearted, where nothing is what it seems and the truth only comes out at the end, maybe…

 The director, Roberto Rustioni, began directing 10 years ago, and has since been recognised for his talent with the Ubu “Best new foreigner” prize in 2011. Rustioni’s direction promises innovation and energy, with his interest in the play lying specifically in its cinematographic qualities and its interaction with the contemporary Iberian theatre movement.

 Rustioni’s “Idiota” is sure to be engaging and lively and will appeal to both regular theatregoers and newcomers alike.

 Francesca Clari’s translation of Casanovas’ “Idiota” will run from March 16 until March 19, 9pm everyday but Sunday (6pm), at Teatro India, Lungotevere, Vittorio Gassman 1, 00146, Roma. “Idiota” is a production by “Fattore K”, in collaboration with “Fabulamundi, Playwriting Europe” and “Associazione OlindaProduzione”.