FAO Elections "Inaccuracies"

Dear Sirs, I wonder if this message can be forwarded to Mr Jan Filipowicz, whose interesting article (speculating on the possiblity that Brazilian President Lula might run for FAO Director-General) shows some inaccuracies.

One important item is that the FAO constitution had no term limits before January 2006. The Membership decided to change the Basic Texts to include term limits, whereas the article says Mr Diouf "arranged for the FAO constitution to be changed so that he could hold office for a third six year term."

Furthermore, extraordinary weight is given to Ms Louise Fresco's resignation letter. No one from Wikipedia to The Observer (the only newspaper that published a letter many sources regards as apocryphal) to the article on Italian Insider, mentions the fact that Ms Fresco resigned from the FAO when her bid to replace Mr Diouf as FAO Director General did not get enough traction. Omitting these circumstances prevents readers from assessing the objectivity of the criticism thrown at Mr Diouf.

Several other factual mistakes, inaccuracies, and hearsay made their way into the article. Peraps Mr Filipowicz shoudl find better sources amongst "FAO insiders."


Marco Arvelo

(Ambassador of the Dominican Republic)