Letter to the Editor - IFAD's "rubber wall"

Published Dec 25 2010, issue 10
Dear Sirs,

 I have read your courageous article at the end of October in which you denounced the outrageous spending habits of the president of IFAD (the Nigerian NWANZE).

 I would like to point out that this Mr NWANZE not only lives a life of shameful luxury but is also at the head of a UN agency conducting its operations in a non-transparent manner.

 Our association (GLOBAL SURPLUS) has repeatedly and to no avail tried to offer our products and services at no cost to our IFAD associates.

 This agency (IFAD) is managed through an impenetrable “muro di gomma” (“rubber wall”), and the anomalous annual expenditure of Mr NWANZE is purely the tip of the IFAD iceberg.

 We would therefore be grateful if you could help us open up a chink in the IFAD structure which could serve to seriously help starving children in need of everything, for life itself.

Best regards,


Gianfranco Concetti