Defiance, expression and liberty for AltaRoma finale

'Colour Retro Future' F/W collection from Pardens conveys a poignant message

 ROME -- The final day of the AltaRoma January edition arrived Sunday following a glamorous night previous when Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, attended the highly-anticipated Renato Balestra haute couture show Saturday evening. The concluding day's back-to-back shows embraced a certain air of positivity and acceptance, launching with the Edith Marcel ‘DIPTYCH’ collection and later relaying a pertinent message from the Pardens brand.

 Designed by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, the F/W 17/18 Edith Marcel range is abstract and experimental, shunning gender restrictions to present universal and androgynous fashion focussing around tailoring and interwoven layers. The multi-faceted ensembles donned by the models combined opposing styles and fabrics in rebellious fusions -- cropped trousers met full-length coats, fur met woollen cloth -- whilst the show drew to a close with essential, everyday pieces such as the Marcel sweat-shirts, boldly labelled with the brand name in capitals across the chest.

 Next to grace the catwalk was Teheran-born Narguess Hatami’s Miahatami collection, inspired by the colourful prints of Iranian nomad homes and tribal culture. Woven fabrics and textures were coloured in vibrant yellow and blue shades, featuring cross-stitching, boucle loop stitching and fringing for a range of blazers, coats, skirts and elegant floor-length gowns.

 As a new addition, Hatami also included a shoe line of both heels and flats, made from Napa leather and canvas and completed with yarn embroidered embellishments.

 Then, arguably the most poignant and meaningful show of the AltaRoma week so far, it was time for the Pardens ‘Colour Retro Future’ collection to hit the catwalk, designed by Daniele Giorgio.   

 The show commenced uniquely with a written message, unfolding line by line onto the feature wall facing the expectant audience: “This show is dedicated to all the colours that are persecuted. For the colour of their skin, for their religion, for their artistic expressions, for their gender or sexual orientation…For all those who have seen their human rights violated.”

 Finishing with the hard-hitting final line, “Without conflict there is no progress,” the lights lifted and the first model stepped out into full view, receiving an impromptu applause from the impassioned crowd.

 Brimming with vibrant geometric prints, sharp lines and primary block colours, the dynamic Pardens F/W collection is charged with determined defiance and creativity, championing unconventionality yet also refinement and sophistication in a powerful stand against oppression.

 Simple, smart pieces made fabulous by a rainbow of explosive patterns and prints, it is clear that Daniele Giorgio’s young brand is set to flourish.

 The AltaRoma events continue on into the night, including a show from Arnoldo Battois and exhibitions such as ‘Masters of Photography,’ boasting talks from protagonist of Italian photography Pietro Gemelli, and ‘Look of the Year: Fashion and Models,’ presenting the latest Roberta Cenci collection.


Models line up in Narguess Hatami’s tribal-inspired Miahatami collection
Model wears outfit from Edith Marcel F/W 17/18 collection