Fearless optimism from Brognano in AltaRoma

Nicola Brognano F/W collection stunned AltaRoma audience for second day of shows

 ROME -- Basking in the success of Thursday night’s Grand Opening party, AltaRoma kick-started the second day of shows with a stunningly romantic street-couture display from Nicola Brognano, effortlessly combining the practicality of the male wardrobe with the vibrancy and playfulness of the 80’s in a fiery collection bursting with colour, sparkle and optimism.

 Brognano, winner of the ‘Who Is On Next?’ prêt-à-porter category 2016, perfectly juxtaposes straight lines, sharp tailoring and maximalist shoulders with flowing trousers, loose hanging gowns and romantic ruffles and bows in his eclectic F/W 17/18 collection.

 Gone are the days when soft florals and colours were kept far away from daring geometric graphic prints -- the Brognano woman combines both seamlessly, unafraid of adding shots of rich reds, purples and burgundy into the mix.

 Urban street style -- complete with caps, silver sequined sleeves and mac coats -- met pure elegance with floor-length evening dresses and puffed sleeves. For one example, a multi-layered, petticoat-style peach gown was teamed with a black cap and belt and finished with long purple satin gloves -- and the daring clash was triumphant.

 Gender stereotypes were blurred in a show which had a real air of excitement and freedom to it, embracing contrasting eras, styles and palettes to create a truly ‘feel good’ atmosphere.

 Undoubtedly, the climax of the performance arrived when a model graced the catwalk in Brognano’s full-length fuchsia gown, layered with copious ruffles, puffed sleeves and a row of oversized bows to finish. A dazzlingly spectacular creation, wowing the packed audience of stylists and designers, the innovative designer has certainly put his name on the list of ‘ones to watch’ in the industry.

 Friday’s events continue with a talk on the Eternal City as a creative backdrop, ‘Roman’s Romance,’ and a collective show entitled Portugal Fashion, featuring collections from Pé de Chumbo, Estelita Mendonça and Susana Bettencourt.



Puffed sleeves and glittered garments from the bold, energetic collection
A fuchsia masterpiece to complete the show