Bulletproof bags to give nervous travellers peace of mind

Backpacks, messenger bags and document zip folders from Terrapin Technology

 ROME -- What if you could carry with you at all times a lightweight, discreet, proven product that could help protect you from a knife attack, a bullet travelling in excess of 900 mph (1,500 KPH) and a real threat from a bomb blast...shrapnel?

 Terrapin Technology, a UK Company based in the Midlands; utilising Honeywell developments as the provider of World leading Spectra Shield® ballistic resistant materials, have successfully designed a product for personal protection that is easily incorporated into every day bags and luggage.

 The state of the art material is the latest in ballistic resistant technology; the undetectable discreet innovation has been tested in accordance with international Military and Police Body Armour Standards. Under an Exclusive Worldwide Agreement Terrapin Technology is now able to provide protection to People across the globe.

 As a result of the current climate of elevated concern regarding personal security whilst working and travelling in the city, airports and the underground, the concept was born.  After two years of research and development, a solution only for use by the Armed Forces is now ready and available to the general public -- stylish, high quality and functional as well as protective.

 Under the trade mark of Go Ballistic, the product range Terrapin Technology -- consisting of backpacks, messenger bags and document zip folders, with more products under development -- offers a bag for all people of all walks of life, offering protection in uncertain times.

 That said, Terrapin would hope that you would never have to use their products for the protective purposes and therefore have designed them with quality in mind, not compromising functionality of the everyday product, giving you peace of mind and a level of cover to assist in getting away from a situation to safety.

Terrapin Technology’s engineers stated, “With the world ever changing and with this breakthrough in Ballistic resistant materials it is possible to carry with you something that gives you a high level of protection, without being cumbersome and obvious.  People who have bought the product were often sceptical about the size and weight, but in fact are shocked and pleasantly surprised with the fact that it has no impact upon the everyday usability of the product.”

 The founder of the business, John Sinclair, said, “it was something that came to me whilst travelling on the London underground in 2014; when a minor incident started in my carriage, fortunately the situation was controlled by Transport Police, this started me thinking – what would I do, how would I protect myself or others and what is available for me to afford some level of protection against such a threat?” 

 “From this began three years of research and testing,” added Sinclair, “collaborating with the leading ballistic product manufacturers in the military world; “Honeywell Spectra Shield® is the material of choice used to protect the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement and militaries around the world, and we are committed to offering our customers that same kind of protection in their day-to-day lives. As we expand our product line, we will also use Honeywell Spectra Shield® exclusively for R&D to create the next generation of personal protection products. Sadly there have been many different attacks and potential threats in Europe since 2014, and we would wish that our development had been faster, thus giving an element of protection in the face of such dreadful attacks.”

 Whilst Terrapin Technology does not give full body protection, it does however give the person a level of protection similar to that provided by a “Bullet resistant vest.” As the founder says, fresh air between you and a threat is the best level of protection for anyone – the greater the distance between you and the attack the better...

 The affordable range of products is now available through Terrapin Technology`s web site: www.terrapintechnology.co.uk