New Italian book on 80s Brit musician Adrian Borland

Book presentation at Taranto's Nautilus Cafe


 TARANTO -- The Nautilus Café in this Apulian city hosted the official presentation of a documentary book by Giuseppe Basile and Marcello Nitti on the now-deceased British musician Adrian Borland, recently published by the Geophonìe cultural association.

 The book on Adrian Borland, who tragically died in 1999, was made in collaboration with the musician’s father Robert Borland.

 Documentarians Giuseppe Basile and Marcello Nitti, are the authors of this new essay of music criticism that reconstructs the full story of Adrian Borland’s ‘The Sound’ band, and exploits the full patrimony of the lyrics composed by him from the onset in 1980 until 1999 (ISBN 9788890306327, Euro 32.00).

 The volume, in Italian, consisting of 240 pages in colour, contains 138 songs in the original language with an attached Italian translation, 270 images (many of which are new), exclusive interviews and documentation by international music critics, reviews, and reports of the European press as well as comments collected during the career of the band and of the single Adrian.

Record after record, from "Jeopardy" in 1980, until "Harmony & Destruction" in 1999, the book documents and explores the "literary content" of the work by Borland, which with his unique reflective writing in the punk scene and new wave of the '80s and later, gave dignity to a musical genre whose textual content has always remained little known and studied.

 The book makes an important contribution to the rediscovery of the art of composition by Adrian Borland and is the story of a great victory, although it came late. The artistic value of these poems, in fact, although it is now recognized, had not yet been adequately disclosed, a circumstance which led Basile and Nitti to complete this valuable publication, which follows the famous 2007 book "New Sound 80 New Wave. Life, Music and Events in the Italian Province of the '80s" (Geophonìe, ISBN 9788890306303), with which the authors debuted.

 "The artistic path taken by Adrian Borland is of great value," said Geophonie’s team, "to reveal and disseminate his work through the reading of his lyrics is an important cultural initiative that will fill an editorial gap in music journalism in recent years."


Book cover