'Stop tax breaks for religious hotels,' Court says

Riccardo Magi of the Italian Radicals political party says such hotels 'should pay like everybody else'

 ROME -- The Court of cassation is looking into the request for 'tax evasion' of religiously endorsed hotels to be stopped, judicial sources say Wednesday.

 Fiscal discounts for religiously endorsed hotels or hostels have meant that such structures enjoy the benefits of lesser taxes and ‘significantly reduced’ prices compared to the rest of the market through the help of the State.

 Hence, the Courts have given reason to the Tax Agency against the Rosine Institute in Turin, a large hostel in the centre of the city near to the university, over the matter of financial discounts.

 For Riccardo Magi of the Italian Radicals political party, “Religious structures that work like hotels must pay taxes just like any other businesses. But still, cases of tax avoidance and evasion are numerous and frequent, as we as Italian Radicals have explained in our dossier.”