Tunisian ISIS recruiter for Italy arrested in Sudan

Tunisian terrorist Moez Fezzani

 ROME -- The Tunisian terrorist Moez Fezzani, considered one of ISIS’s big recruiters in Italy -- also known as Abu Nassim, has been arrested in Sudan, antiterrorism sources said Monday.

 The terrorist Moez Fezzani was part of a Milan-based faction of the ‘Salaphite Group for Preaching and Combat,’ from 1997-2001, which recruited men in order to send them to countries at war.

 In 2012, Fezzani was acquitted by the Court of First Instance, and expelled from Italy. Then in 2014, he was sentenced to 5 years, 8 months by Milan’s public prosecutor’s office for crimes associated with terrorist activity.

 The Tunisian was identified in Sudan thanks to the work of two Italian intelligence agencies.

 The ISIS recruiter was born in Tunis in 1969, and is considered an Al Qaida militant in Afghanistan, known for over 20 years for his activities in one of Al Qaida’s satellite groups, Ansar Al Sharia Tunisia.

 He was captured in Pakistan in 2002, and was detained in a US base in Bagram, then extradited to Italy. In April 2012, after a period of detention, Fezzani was expelled to Tunisia.

 Moez Fezzani was then located in Libya, where he managed the training camps for aspiring Mujahidin. In the summer of 2013, he reached Syria, but then returned to Libya in 2014 to recruit aspiring combatants.

 He was wanted by Tunisia for the organization of the attacks to the Bardo Museum and the Sousse Imperial Hotel.