Cultural cooperation between Pompeii and Naples in Russia

The State Hermitage Museum of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia

 ST.PETERSBURG -- The Director of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg,  Mikhail Piotrovskij, the Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Paolo Giulierini, and the General Manager of Pompeii, Massimo Osanna, signed in St. Petersburg a memorandum of understanding for the preparation and the operation of a cultural and scientific cooperation program among the three institutions.

 The agreement, outlined during the visit of Culture and Tourism Minister Dario Franceschini, provides for a sharing of experiences and expertise in the field of archaeological excavation, the exchange of exhibitions and the joint realisation of exhibition projects and also study internship between scientific staff and specialists in the field of art history, archeology, cultural heritage, museology, conservation and restoration; the implementation of scientific conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables, on the problems of art history, cultural heritage, museology, conservation, restoration and management of cultural heritage; the exchange of information about the use of innovative systems and technologies applied to cultural heritage with particular reference to the digitization, archiving, application of enhanced reality and multimedia aimed at the enhancement of the heritage, its conservation and public enjoyment and specialist; study and discussion on new approaches and dissemination of knowledge, including the interdisciplinary nature of art, archaeological treasures and historical and artistic heritage; activation of scholarships and mutual participation in investigations and excavations on the basis of research and shared projects.

 The protocol will run for four years.