'Restart-Retreats' workshops launched in Tuscany

Healing retreat workshops in the heart of the Tuscan countryside Sept. 29-Oct.1. Photo by Mauro Benedetti

 FLORENCE - A psychodrama therapist and an artist have paired up to provide transformative healing in the heart of Tuscany with the first psychodrama retreat launch in Southern Europe -- Restart-Retreats, taking place Sept. 29 – Oct. 1.

 One of New York’s top psychodramatists, Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT, has teamed up with well-respected artist and designer Claudia Palmira to bring something innovative to Southern Europe: a deep, healing retreat in a timeless Tuscan setting. 

 Restart-Retreats will launch its first psychodrama and creative arts therapeutic retreat, “Awakening the Authentic Self,” September in Tuscany. Its mission is to heal and unblock fears, negative patterns and co-dependency that have prevented participants from realizing their true goals and desires. On an ancient hillside in Tuscany, the Retreat focuses the combined power of group psychodrama sessions and spiritually-focused creative workshops to bring about individual healing from trauma and, ultimately, personal transformation. 

 “This retreat combines the beauty of the countryside of Tuscany with the power of psychodrama and other creative arts methods.  We will delve into our souls’ desires in a safe space and emerge transformed. I have not seen any other healing modality as magical as psychodrama. People often look as if they have an energetic halo around them after a cathartic psychodrama experience,” said the Retreat leader, Simon. 

 Restart-Retreats is the first psychodramatic retreat dealing with codependency in Southern Europe.  Psychodrama is renowned for its immediate healing of trauma due to the experiential nature of the therapy. Therapist Simon uses psychodrama in her New York midtown practice and holds monthly public psychodrama workshops on different topics. She also is a frequent leader of weekend retreats at the prestigious Tennessee-based recovery centre Onsite.  

 “I have been in the field of personal development for twenty years and have been fortunate to have been trained by some masterful people like Tian Dayton.  My intuition and warmth help me create a safe space for people to relax, explore, and release.  In my private practice in Manhattan, and in the work I do at Onsite Workshops in Tennessee, I have also been fortunate to work with hundreds of clients who have been my greatest teachers. Rigorous honesty in my own personal development and in my recovery keeps me on point.  I truly believe that I can only go as far with others as I have gone within myself, and I take that commitment very seriously,” said Simon.

 For centuries, the Tuscany region has provided inspiration to artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Simone Martini. The location lends itself to seclusion and privacy as well as natural inspiration to complement the Retreat’s mission. Located near the iconic coastal region of Maremma, the bespoke 18th-century farmhouse has been designed for modern comfort in a simple, but luxurious, rustic style. Called La Capitana, it is situated atop a hillside overlooking the entire surrounding region, from the nearby farmlands to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Removed from local roads and towns, the Retreat destination provides an extraordinary setting for this personal work.

 “The location creates a separation from daily mundane life, and brings you to a hilltop where you can contemplate and nourish your soul in the beauty of your surroundings. The 18th century farmhouse is enclosed and private so that everything that happens there is contained for the safety, privacy and respect of our clients,” said Retreat co-founder Palmira. 

 This provides a new opportunity for English-speaking natives in Europe to partake in a professional therapeutic experience within the region of Southern Europe. The Retreat co-organizers believe the physical distance from the client’s home environment into a new setting is the first step in the transformative process:

 “The journey itself is the physical start, as you leave what you know behind. By progressing deeper into nature and a place you’ve never been, you can begin to imagine yourself in a new place in your life” said Palmira. 

 The partners have high hopes for the retreat in the future and for the clients that embark on this spiritual journey. 

 “I hope that Restart Retreat program will first and foremost help people realize their true potentials as individuals. We all have parts of our lives that aren’t the way we wish they were, and sometimes it’s because we are simply getting in our own way. If I can help participants discover ways to live more fulfilling lives by removing self-sabotaging behaviour, then it will be a success. We will also make emotionally intimate connections with each other, something that I think is getting lost in our high-tech world,” said Simon. 

 Recognizing the unique needs of the individual, Restart Retreats provides a comprehensive and explorative experience by facilitating various therapeutic techniques in order to help its clients. Restart Retreats provides a professional and researched service in order to attend to the individual’s unique needs.  

 For more information please visit: http://restart-retreats.com/

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'Awakening the Authentic Self' in Tuscany. Photo by Mauro Benedetti